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Hypnosis explained...Hypnosis is a state of being totally in the present moment, yet also having a pleasant sense of detachment.  In most cases, your mind will drift wherever it wishes.  We are all hypnotised at different times of the day without even being aware of it.  Consider when you drive to work or to the shop.  Have you ever arrived there not quite sure how you got there?  Or, ever read a book and turned the page only to think, ‘I didn’t read any of that, my mind was elsewhere’?  This is when our mind goes into a trance state called hypnosis.  So as you can see, it is an easily, naturally achieved state that we are all familiar with.


So how does hypnosis work? Through establishing this trance state, your conscious mind continues to think about whatever it likes.  It could listen to me talking or take you on a relaxing journey, wherever it wishes to go.  While your conscious mind does this, the trance state allows your subconscious mind to become more accessible - this is the key to making lasting changes! 


How much hypnosis is needed? Everyone has individual needs and that will determine how many sessions you require.  Sometimes we have more than one issue to deal with and there could be many factors contributing to it.  Each session takes about an hour, but I will work out our sessions to suit you.


What will help to get the greatest result from hypnosis? Don’t over think things.  Take steps to help yourself.  There is no magic pill.  Hypnosis is an amazing tool that can assist and benefit you in many areas.  No one can make the positive changes in your life, but you.  Hypnosis can greatly contribute to making that success easier by cutting though previously perceived barriers your conscious mind has put in place.


Will hypnosis interfere with my current health care? Hypnosis can be used in conjunction with your other medical and health care providers.  I will always encourage you to talk openly to any practitioner about using hypnosis.


No need to be chicken Mention hypnosis to just about anyone and they ask if I will make them cluck like a chicken.  Well, the answer is no... unless you really want me to!  Your subconscious mind is your moral centre so I cannot make you do anything against your will. You will not reveal anything under hypnosis that you do not wish to.  I cannot access your private thoughts!  You cannot get stuck in hypnosis. It is a naturally occurring state, so your body and mind know what to do to get out of that state if it isn’t working for you. Hypnosis is just a wonderful way to relax and make some significant what are you waiting for?



About Reiki The Literal translation from Japanese is Spiritual Energy.  It can also be known as Universal Life Force Energy.  Just like the energy found in everything.  Reiki is not dependent on a belief system, it works whether you believe in it or not.  Reiki can be defined as a biofield therapy, a type of energy medicine.  Biofield therapies are intended to effect energy fields that surround the human body.


The System of Reiki was developed in the early 1900's in Japan by Mikao Usui.  Reiki is applied through non-invasive gentle touch.  Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit.  It has many beneficial effects that can include relaxation and peace of mind.  Anyone can receive a Reiki treatment, it works in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques. 


Reiki Treatments last about an hour.  Reiki is conducted in a relaxing environment.  it is recommended to wear loose, comfortable clothing as Reiki is conducted on a massage table.  The treatment involves gentle placing of the hands in various positions of the body.  Non-touching technique can also be applied if this is your preference. 




Workplace Neuroscience Training and Coaching



Helen Hart is awesome, her serene energy and healing qualities are to die for! A Reiki session with her is insightful and powerful and healing. Can't wait to book a hypnotherapy session with her.

Polly Aleks

“Helen has a beautiful & gentle soul and this is reflected in the radiant energy she emanates onto those she works on. I've had the pleasure of seeing Helen for a number of Hypnotherapy and Reiki sessions. I've always felt calm and peaceful in her presence and have had good results from her sessions. No doubt, I will return to her when the need arises and I'd highly recommend her to anyone."

Tony Ratnam

“Thanks so much Helen.  I was really nervous about having hypnosis.  Thanks for taking the time to explain everything.  It was a truly enjoyable experience and I'm amazed at how good I feel.  I have been telling everyone I see to come and see you.  Just amazing.”

Joanne Coles

I am a Certified Trainer and Assessor for NeuroCapability who deliver an Advanced Diploma in Neuroscience for Leadership.  I have many years of experience in training, coaching, and managing people.  I have extensive experience in writing training material and delivering training.


Does your workplace need a boost?  I have many different approaches based on the latest Neuroscience strategies to help your workforce become more results-orientated, reduce stress, and increase morale.  Whether it is a workshop or ongoing training and coaching, I can assist. I can tailor the sessions to suit your workplace. 


Ask me how I can help.  I can present you with various options to suit your business.


Reiki Training and Certification

Would you like to learn Reiki.  Reiki is easy to learn and you can use it to help yourself and your family and friends.  Reiki is passed on from the Reiki Teacher to Reiki student by using a combination of teaching, energy attunements and hands on experience.  Reiki is taught in three levels.


Interested?  Contact me to ask me about Reiki Workshops.

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