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Personal Peace – Your How To Guide

Photo Credit: Unsplash - Priscilla Du Preez

No matter how great you are at managing your emotions, you will no doubt have times in your life when you have a heightened emotional response.

Some emotions are wonderful and others not so much.

“Peace: freedom from disturbance; tranquillity.”

Think back to when you were a small child and you felt upset. If you were lucky you had a caring adult to help you learn how to manage your emotions and pacify yourself. You would have learned valuable ways to calm yourself.

However, those strategies don’t always stand the test of time and that’s where having a Personal Peace List can come in handy.

Many people aren’t aware that no two brains are the same and no two people think exactly alike. It’s a human tendency to think other people think like us but…

…they don’t! That’s why there is no one-stop-shop for managing emotions.

So what could be better than coming up with your own way to find personal peace.

Here’s how:

You can print off the template below and use the space provided or you can simply grab a piece of paper or tap it out on the computer. Totally up to you.

It’s important though to pop your list somewhere you can see it easily in those moments when you feel the need to ramp up your personal peace.

There’s no right or wrong. Just jot down things that make you feel good. It’s that easy!

It could be taking a bath, listening to music, patting the dog, watching funny cat videos. Whatever floats your boat.

Remember: your list can be fluid, feel free to add to it or scrub things off if they no longer work for you.

Here’s my current list to give you some ideas.

Helen’s Personal Peace List:

1. Water – Have a shower, bath, swim, float, drink some.

2. Self-talk – Use my coping statement “I know this is only a feeling and it will pass”

3. Star or Cloud gaze

4. Stretch

5. Walk

6. Play Solitaire

7. Cuddle the children, hubby, dog or practice the Self-Hug (more on that in another blog)

8. Give myself a self-Reiki treatment

9. Meditate

10. Have a cuppa

Personal Peace List

Things that soothe, pacify and make me feel serene. . .











Have fun experimenting and wishing you peace.

Helen Hart

Clinical Hypnotherapist & Neuroscience Researcher

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